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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

You will see on this page Shelley has offered many wonderful events and retreats

over many years.

Healing Retreat

19th-21st July 2013


"Time to Be"

Pushpa Minstry ~ Being at peace is being happy as you are. Ard Nahoo was our silent retreat where Shelley guided us to that blissfully space that is within us all.

Healing Retreat In Lake District

6th-9th November 2014

The Lake District
"Know Thyself"

Ann Cummins ~ Staying in Cumbria for a Yoga Retreat run by Shelley, early starts for us, enjoying every minute of this tranquil place!

Healing Retreat In Lake District

10th-17th May 2015

The Lake District

"Be Silent and Surrender into the Heart"

Jane Gymafi-Sarkodie~This picture says something to me about the weekend spent with Shelley - the beauty of nature, the warmth of companionship, and the bright sun, like the words we heard, illuminating everything.


1st - 3rd July 2022

The Lake District 
"The Gift Of Healing" Retreat

This month we had the first retreat with Shelley in over 4 years, it is one that will stay in the hearts of those who attended it for a long time. As always with Shelley’s past retreats it was filled with love, joy, laughter & healing.

A beautiful weekend of teachings and healing that brought us all so much joy and release that we all left feeling light, brighter and full of love. 

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2nd July 2022

The Lake District
"The Healing Connection Circle"

Marzena ~ When Shelly was with another person opposite me, I felt a vibration in the part of my body, exactly in the affected/sick area and a flash of bright  light in front of my closed eyes. I got the feeling that everything would be fine.

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24th June 202

The Lake District
"The Healing Connection Circle"

Andrew ~ My experience was after Shelley had but her hands on me I felt my sinuses release, I've had sinus trouble for years, and my eyes suddenly started to water and drip off my chin, I've never had an experience like that before. I could breath better for the rest of the night and slept well.