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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart


Be Healed, Awaken, Be Free

All of Shelley’s events are deeply life changing and healing. You will experience not only the presence of a healer, but that of somebody that has walked the path of what we call wisdom and therefore Shelley has the ability to transform your life in just one healing event.

All events are in person and no prior experience is necessary, you may be a first time participant or someone who has closely followed Shelley's teachings, all are welcome. 

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"It is said that God works through people called angels and that they appear into our lives exactly when most needed. This is what happened when Shelley came into my life with her divine and healing power which helped me".


Healing Connection Circle

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Those who have experienced Shelley Osman's healing will all say how they have benefited from what they can only describe as a powerful healing that has helped them to release certain physical and emotional ailments and conditions.

People have also said that her healing elevates one spiritually and connects deep to the soul, helping one to align with the connection to source helping us become more intuitive.

Tickets £25 per person

Past Events With Shelley

Shelley has been offering events to the public for decades, and they've always been very well received and appreciated in the locations that she's offered events in.

Her events are varied from meditation gatherings (which she called Sitting In Silence) to Deep Rest events, relaxation events, events on the Chakras, workshops, healing events and truth teaching events.


Shelley has offered many, many, events over the years. 

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