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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart


Be Healed, Awaken, Be Free

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9th November 7:30pm, Lindale, Cumbria

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Experience Divine Healing

Those who have received Shelley Osman's Healing Connection say they experienced a powerful healing that helped release physical and emotional ailments holding them back.


The healing elevated them spiritually, connecting deep to the soul, helping to align with the connection to Source, enabling them to become more intuitive.

Tickets: £25 Per Person

Venue: Lindale Village Hall, Grange Over Sands, Cumbria, LA11 6LE

Who can attend... 

Anyone and everyone!

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"When Shelley came to me I felt a heat and what felt like a pull from my head, not a physical pull, but a release. I always experience so much benefit from these events keeping me calm and steady".

Kirsty Watson


About Shelley's Events


All Shelley’s events are deeply healing and life changing!

You will be in the presence of a true healer who has walked the path of wisdom and has the ability to transform your life in a single healing event.

Events are in person and whether you are a first time participant or someone who has closely followed Shelley's teachings, no prior experience is necessary - everyone is welcome.

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Join A Healing Circle With Shelley

A Healing Circle is a space in which you may come and sit and receive healing. You are not required to talk and there is no pair/group work involved. Shelley will guide you as you sit in the circle. From attending these circles with Shelley, many have experienced huge shifts, transformational experiences and healing on many levels. Shelley Osman's healing has helped people to overcome all different kinds of conditions and symptoms both physical and mental, emotional and spiritual, from all different kinds of diseases to all different kinds of problems, symptoms and experiences. The power of healing during these events is profound. We welcome you to to stay for a chat with Shelley and attendees with a cup of tea at the end.


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I have experienced a problem for several decades that I have tried to heal with dozens of new age treatments but they did not hit the mark. This is something special because Shelley is a healer and medium and you get a tailormade treatment specific for you. 
These sorts of people are very few and far between, I don’t know anybody quite like Shelley, in that her gift is unique. 


Peter Harvey

Past Events With Shelley

Shelley has been offering events to the public for decades, and they've always been very well received and appreciated in the locations that she's offered events in.

Her events are varied from meditation gatherings (which she called Sitting In Silence) to Deep Rest events, relaxation events, events on the Chakras, workshops, healing events and truth teaching events.


Shelley has offered many, many, events over the years. 

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Shelley Osman is providing spiritual healing, she is not providing healthcare, medical or surgical treatment of any kind. Shelley Osman’s spiritual healing is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals, but rather to compliment it. If you feel unwell in any way, you must consult a doctor immediately.

Shelley Osman makes no claims as the efficacy of the spiritual healing that she provides. Any information offered is based solely on her experiences and is to be taken at your own risk and understanding. Your health is your own responsibility and not that of Shelley Osman. Shelley Osman is not in any way responsible for the effects that the healing may have or any health problems that you may experience.

It is important to note that spiritual healing is not a substitute for professional medical care, and you should not rely solely on the healing provided by Shelley Osman. The healing provided may not always apply to an individual’s specific situation. You must always consult your health care provider before following any of the healing methods suggested.

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