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Crystal Earrings

Image by Jonny Gios

Imani is Shelley's daughter and has had an interest in making jewellery since she was 7 years old.

Every one of these pieces are unique and carefully created by hand by Imani with the intention of blessing the wearer with the benefits of the healing stones.

Thank you for supporting Imani and her creativity.

Each pair of earrings give a specific benefit to the wearer, such as to receive healing, love, empowerment, positivity, calmness, abundance, protection and more.

These titles have been created by Shelley and the stones carefully chosen so the wearer will receive the goodness of the healing stones.

Added to shop - Green adventurine
Manis earrings
Image by Esteban Castle

Would you like Imani to create a specific design of earring with your own choice of crystal beads or gems? Imani welcomes commissions for weddings, events or if you would like to gift a friend, she is happy to help and create something special.

If you would like to order a certain number of earrings from Imani's current

collection please get in touch.

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Healing Crystal Benefits 


Amethyst is a very powerful stone which provides spiritual protection, it absorbs negative and helps with headaches, migraine and joint pains.

 Fantastic for nervous system, digestion, heart, stomach

It helps to keep the person wearing it relaxed and reducing anxiety it offers strength and clarity, it brings comfort and support during difficult times, promotes spiritual awareness, inspires healing and love, deepens intuition and used to help in meditation.


Helps with circulatory problems, kidney stones, allergies and colds. Helps increase physical energy and personal power. Carnelian eases anger and frustration, reduces lethargy, helps one to keep focus, stimulating and stay motivated. A good study stone which encourages the wearer to be present

Opens their heart and bring joy to them

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a Master healer, the greatest of healers, it amplifies energy, releases negative energy and regulates energy, helps the wearer to concentrate and keeping focused. It stimulates the immune system and balances the entire body,


Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that really helps one to find their passion in love and longing. It can promote forgiveness and help one to let go of fear and guilt. Rose quartz also brings love for yourself.


Helps to kill bacteria and fight viruses purifier one of the biggest protector stones

Perfect protection from EMF harmful electromagnetic radiation and negative energies Shungite brings harmony and balance into the home and body.

One of the most protective tools to wear


Stone of vision opens the third eye, balances and grounds. Protective, releases negative energies and addictions, helps release people from their past and painful memories. It brings clear vision to the heart and helps with optimism.

Green Adventurine

Connects the wearer to the heart chakra, stimulates muscle tissue and improves the blood purifies mental, emotional and etheric bodies dissolves anger, anxiety and fear. Brings great sense of wellbeing to the wearer and it provides strength, confidence, happiness and optimism and gives us what we want in this world. Keeps the wearer calm in the body and brings abundance.


Tigers Eye

Releases fear and anxiety, brings balance and harmony, helps the wearer take action and brings understanding.

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