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With Shelley Osman

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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

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The Benefits

Join A Healing Connection Circle

Divine Healing

Those who have experienced

Shelley Osman's healing will all say how they have benefited from what they can only describe as a powerful healing that has helped them to release certain physical and emotional ailments and conditions.

People have also said that her healing elevates one spiritually and connects deep to the soul, helping one to align with the connection to source helping us become more intuitive.

Tickets £25 per person

Lindale Village Hall, Grange Over Sands,

Cumbria. LA11 6LE

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 Shelley uses the healing that has been with her since a child and uses her own techniques like no other that you have experienced before.  

The healing circles are as powerful as working on a one to one level but with the enhanced benefits as you are part of a group with a shared intent.

How To Reserve Your Space

Image by Mark Harpur

Either buy your tickets online or reserve your space by calling: 07919 371 852 and pay at the door on the night. 


Please arrive 15 minutes before the event to complete your booking form, please note we only accept cash on the night ~ please bring the correct amount.

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the circle begins, we cannot accommodate late arrivals once the circle has started.

All tickets are non-refundable or transferable in the event that you cancel.

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Physically you will feel a reduction and release of aches and pains in the body and you will feel more grounded. Receive energy that will stimulate the healing process after disease or an operation.

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Emotionally you will feel a calming and quietening of the mind, your emotions will become steady and you will have more clarity.

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Spiritually you will feel protected, more connected to source and more in tune with your gifts and abilities as well as a deeper understanding and connection of your intuitive abilities.

What They Say

Emma C

I Felt Tingling...

What To Expect

A Healing Circle is a space in which you may come and sit and receive healing. You are not required to talk and there is no pair/group work involved.


From attending these circles with Shelley, many have experienced huge shifts, transformational experiences and healing on many levels. Shelley Osman's healing has helped people to overcome all different kinds of conditions and symptoms both physical and mental, emotional and spiritual, from all different kinds of diseases to all different kinds of problems, symptoms and experiences.


The power of healing during these events is profound and mysterious to many. Healing grants our heart's desires and is our natural state of Being.


These healing events offer an invitation to fully let go of all of the pain that you may be carrying, and to experience the great wisdom and Divine Love of Divine Healing. We recommend that only people age 16 years and above attend these particular circles. Shelley will make an announcement soon for circles for children and circles for parents and children..


What Happens During A
Healing Circle?

Image by Ken Cheung

As you sit and receive healing, your energy will be balanced and negative energy will disperse leaving you feeling lighter and more peaceful. Being part of a circle will stimulate the life force (known as prana or chi) to flow in a balanced way through your body while harmonising your energetic system to help ease many health conditions.

During each circle you will receive the further gift of being immersed in healing frequency music. Shelley and her musician friend (who is an expert in vibrational frequency music) have collaborated to bring you the best healing experience you could ever imagine. Shelley has given specific instructions to create the exact music that she wants for these healing circles so that it affects the cells of each being's body through the frequencies that will be heard.


All music is copyright and original for Shelley's circles as part of her method.



"When Shelley placed her hands on me I was infused with peace and trust".

Gordo E Cate

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Benefits



Receive Healing To Release;

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The patterns of negative thought,

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Feelings of heartbreak, loneliness

& loss,

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Lack of self-love or


Untitled design (17).png

Mental stress & tension,

Untitled design (16).png

Depression & anxiety,

Untitled design (17).png

Emotional imbalances,

Untitled design (16).png

Emotional imbalances,

Untitled design (17).png

Lack of self-love or


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Trauma and abuse from relationships.



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​Feel unconditional love,

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​Feel gratitiude for life again,

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Gain clarity and wisdom,

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Raise your spiritual, energetic & intuitive vibration,

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Establish the connection with the power of your heart.

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Heal your soul & give you back your freedom,

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Bring more love, peace & joy in your life,

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No longer feel lost & disconnected,

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Resolve negative situations in your life,

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Experience family members behaving more positively

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Connect you to the way of awakening,

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Invite you into the inner journey to the Sacred state of pure Being,

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Deeper connection to Divine source,

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Deepen your awareness.



Shelley will send you healing for:

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Stress & tension in the body,

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Physical & Energetic imbalance,

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Balancing of the chakras,

Untitled design (17).png

Lack of energy & fatigue,

Untitled design (16).png

Organ health, including the heart, brain & lungs,

Untitled design (17).png

Digestive health,

Untitled design (16).png

Back, hip, knee, shoulder, foot pain,

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Untitled design (16).png

Eating disorders,

Nervous system imbalance

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Reproductive illnesses,

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Auto-immune conditions.

Physical Health & Energy
Mental and emotional balance

The Venue

Lindale Village Hall, Cumbria, UK

All of Shelley's Healing Connection Circles in 2024 will be held in a picturesque rural village in Cumbria at The Lindale Village Hall, School Hill, Lindale, Grange Over Sands, LA11 6LE. You will be surrounded by the stunning beauty of The Lake District. ​If travelling by train or night bus from London visit here, for other areas visit here for details of rail links in your area. If you are driving, the venue is about 15 minutes from Junction 36 of the M6. ​There are 18 car parking spaces on site and full disabled access and facilities. You’ll also find on-street parking close by. The Royal Oak pub in Lindale just 10 minutes walk from the Village Hall and other places to eat are in Grange Over Sands which is a 10 minutes drive away and has numerous bed and breakfast establishments and hotels nearby for anyone wishing to stay overnight.

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Past Events With Shelley Osman

Shelley has been offering events to the public for decades, and they've always been very well received and appreciated in the locations that she's offered events in.

Her events are varied from meditation gatherings (which she called Sitting In Silence) to Deep Rest events, relaxation events, events on the Chakras, workshops, healing events and truth teaching events.


Shelley has offered many, many, events over the years. 

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Events collage

Invite Shelley To Your Area

Would You Like Shelley To Offer A 

Healing Connection Circle

 In Your Area?

If you would like to invite Shelley to your area to offer a healing circle and you have a venue in mind, please contact us to collaborate.

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We do not claim to cure any condition of mind, body or spirit and individual results may vary. Shelley Osman's healing energy is intended as a complementary therapy, or as an aid to personal relaxation and stress reduction. Attending a Healing Connection Circles with Shelley Osman is not a substitute for qualified medical, psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Please seek professional help if that is what you need. Shelley Osman's Healing Connection Circles are spiritual rather than prescriptive or therapeutic. You are fully and solely responsible for the information you provide to Shelley and for your interpretation of Shelley's advice and guidance. Shelley Osman does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your time in the healing circle and makes no claims as to their effectiveness. Attendance to this service is requested by your own choice and with your inherent singular responsibility. Please see full disclaimer details click here >

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