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Book healing 1-2-1
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Distance Healing

Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

Do you need extra energy? Do you suffer from anxiety, or maybe you feel stuck or imbalanced?

Receive Divine & Sacred Healing
From Wherever You Are 

If you are feeling imbalanced or you are unwell or physically in pain this healing will help you. This Healing Connection will bring clarity to your life and you will receive the inner guidance that you need. 

This is the path of ultimate healing and awakening which will benefit you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to the soul level you shall be healed and set free.


People come to Shelley for all reasons whether because you want to find yourself and your on a spiritual path, whether because there are many patterns that need to be released, whether your suffering with anxiety or stress or imbalance or physical pain, there are many reasons to connect with Shelley and benefit it many ways.

Another benefit of this distance healing is that if you cannot attend in person for a healing appointment with Shelley, you can can still receive this profound healing wherever you are in the world as distance does not affect the healing power.

Your session will start with an initial 20-minute online consultation via zoom for Shelley to discuss your needs.

You will then receive your personal 40-minute healing connection.