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 Through this page you can request prayer for yourself, a family member

or friend by completing the form below. Shelley will add your prayer to her prayer book and it will be included in her daily prayers. 

We would like to add what you receive through prayer here upon this page, to share with others and to create a wonderful community. If you want to remain anonymous please only add your first name.

Choose a reason for your prayer

 Information and Rules


  • Shelley will read your Prayer, but she will not respond via email or via here on the website.

  • Questions will not be answered. 

  • Shelley will add your prayer request into her prayer book.

  • Please use the members forum if you wish to start a discussion. You will need to join The Healing Connections to do this. 

  • Please do not be abusive in your prayer, do not use foul language or aggressive words, be kind to yourself and others.

  • Please be patient and only submit your prayer request once.

  • I agree that I will use this page in a kind and sensitive way.

Thanks for submitting!

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