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Orange Aura Quartz with its beautiful orange colour relates to the sacral chakra. The colour combined with the crystal is believed to be very helpful for people dealing with issues of self-esteem, self-worth and confidence issues.

Orange Aura Quartz is also said to enhance and intensify sexual energies and un-block problems in that area of the body and energy field.

Orange Aura Quartz are natural quartz crystals treated with rare metals in a special bonding process at high temperature and pressure in conditions that could be similar to a natural volcanic eruption but on a much smaller scale. The process by which Quartz Crystals are coated in a metallic vapour is called Vapour Deposition. The added vapour is said to enhance the crystals natural healing powers.  The orange Aura layer is fused onto the crystal in a vacuum where clear quartz is placed with gold and iron oxide, these metals condense onto the surface of the crystal and fuse to its lattice creating a permanent coating.

These striking stones are would make a beautiful addition to any collection.

Orange Aura Tumblestone