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"Enlightened Beings Are A Rarity In This World" 
~ Gary Wetherill
(A de
votee of Shelley for over 13 years)

About Shelley

Shelley Osman is known as a spiritual teacher, mystic, renowned healer, yogi and writer. For whoever wants to sit with her and ask questions or have guidance and needs her wisdom, this is something Shelley loves to share. Shelley would never call herself any of these labels and it is merely for the purpose of this website and for social media that she has allowed these labels to be used. If you were to meet Shelley in every day life you would see her as a mother, as a wife, as a person who loves to garden, work with nature, she loves her plants, loves herbs and loves helping as many people who ask for her help. She is passionate about many things. She was born with what people class as certain gifts of being able to see and hear what she calls "clearly" and she was born with rare healing abilities and was told when she was a teenager that it was her calling to help, guide and heal many thousands of people all over the world. She is a channel for this healing gift and over time as more people recognised Shelley's healing abilities, it became a natural part of her life and was offered to anybody who wished to receive it. ​ Shelley has helped people overcome all different kinds of conditions and symptoms both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Since her teenage years, she has been told by many teachers, Buddhists, and wise beings who've crossed her path, that she is a Bodhisattva (compassionate being) and an awakened one. Some call her a healer, others a mystic or a spiritual teacher and guide. Shelley would say she is just an ordinary being, but if you meet her, you will feel the extraordinary heart of embodied compassion resonating from her. ​Throughout Shelley's personal spiritual journey, fellow teachers and students from around the world have said to her that she is an enlightened being here to show the way. This is not something that Shelley would personally say to people about herself, however she is extremely grateful for the kind words from others who hold her in such high regard.

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Shelley is a trustworthy spiritual teacher, a yogi as well as a very generous person.  She will always be there for you if you need her.  Whether it is for comfort (like the balm of her YouTube videos) or for opening your eyes on a pattern in your behaviour, thoughts or story.  It is very hard to describe Shelley because I have never met anybody like her.  So I would say, don't believe a word of what you are reading, you can have your own experience by contacting her.

Many thanks Shelley for everything


Who Am I?

I’ve always been the same, every minute is that which I am every moment is sacred. It grew that I felt even more connected even though I felt connected from the start but it was the sense of it the maturity that grew.


I would be walking down the street and the tress would have the same nature, I was the trees, the birds the sky the flowers the breeze, I was that and the nature of that was all the same, it was and is connected, everything was and is connected. I could feel the intrinsic nature of every pulsation, it ran through me as me…  everything and everywhere weaved itself into one... 

Who Am I

Who Am I

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Shelley's Early Years

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Read About Shelley's Early Years
Written By Shelley's Mother, Sheila Osman

It is funny how you look back and you begin to connect all of the dots and suddenly everything makes sense and you realise that maybe everything was for a reason and meant to be! ​Here, I have tried to give you a glimpse of my life as Shelley's mother.  So many things to say, but I can only say so much here, so I have tried to tell you what I feel is most important for you to know about her.  Of course, there is so much more! When I was a young girl, I do not know why, but I wrote an essay on Faith Healing as part of my exam years before I became a mother, I dreamt I was in a tent in the middle of a battlefield and I was giving birth, whilst the battle was going on.  I dreamt this for years before I physically gave birth.  When I was pregnant with Shelley, I knew it was to be Shelley. I just knew her and I knew that she was sent here to bring peace and love amidst the battles that many go through! I was in hospital pregnant with Shelley for 6 weeks before giving birth with high blood pressure and therefore had to have complete bed rest. ​Shelley was born on a Monday, the sun shone brightly all day and it has done on each of her birthdays since. Whilst I gave birth to Shelley there were doctors, trainee doctors and nurses gathered around the whole bed, I saw it as a sign that she was welcomed into this world by an audience, in a way that was preparing her for the many that would gather around her in years to come.  ​Shelley hardly slept as a baby, she was ‘awake’ a lot of the time. When she turned 1 years old, she just got up and started to walk on her first birthday. ​​As a toddler, she would spit out fish, meat, milk and eggs at dinner times, she was obviously meant to be the vegetarian that she is today and has been most her life.  Shelley loved nature and did not ever want to see animals hurt. As her mother, I noticed that people would stop and comment on her beautiful blue eyes, thick dark, curly hair and her Celtic look. People would make a fuss over her.  We noticed her hands got very hot, and as her mother, I noticed that she seemed very aware and seemed to know what was going on with people, and Shelley would naturally place her hands on people where there was pain.  She was a loving, kind, gentle and sensitive child. She used to run circles around us and I would sit in wonder at how she would miss everything and never have an accident.  From a young age, Shelley said she saw things and heard things and would make me aware of this. Shelley never seemed afraid of these things that she told us she saw.  I thought she was hallucinating and didn't realise then that Shelley was seeing Spirit. Shelley, from young, never wanted to see anything or anyone harmed, we would call Shelley to take spiders outside if they were in the house. She used to bring insects in from the garden to look after them. She loved flowers and plants. Shelley was always kind and would rather give than receive. She was a very loving child and would never harm anyone or anything. I knew Shelley was different and I wanted to come with her to protect her when people invited Shelley to Spiritual workshops. We would all say that Shelley was definitely an old soul, with her love of old films, old music and she wrote poetry from around age 8 that was deep and meaningful and very mature for her young years. Shelley always got very good reports about her generous character and hardworking attitude whilst at school, she did very well in all her subjects, especially the creative arts. She always enjoyed her life and never complained. She could never see the bad in anyone and if anyone was mean to her she would always forgive them and just see the good in them. When people in her life treated her very badly, she would still see the good and try to help them. Shelley was very innocent, she never had tantrums, she was a very good, caring, easy going child, I never had to ask her to do anything and she never asked for anything. She was full of life and she was very inquisitive, she would ask me about death, life, many deep questions for such a young child.  ​She would spend her pocket money on others. She would rather watch others open their Christmas presents and not care so much about opening hers. Every year since she was a child, we have given her a notebook for her Birthday and Christmas for her to write her lovely writings and poetry in.  She was always told by many of her teachers that she would write a book and I have always hoped that she would.  ​Growing up  and still now, she never liked any confrontation or any arguments, but she would be objective and a peace maker. She loved her quiet, alone time, either listening to music in her room, drawing, or sitting very still alone in Silence for long periods of time, which we now realise that she was meditating! ​​As a person though, Shelley never looked mature, she looked always very young, small and timid.  From a very young age she was very interested in mystical subjects.  She seemed to have a good and natural understanding of the mystical, Spiritual side of life. She would tell us often about messages from loved ones.  She would always be the one to guide and advise her friends. ​​We got Shelley a cat called Trina, when Shelley was 12 years old and she was a loving, yet feisty cat.  Shelley had lots of scratches over her arms from Trina.  Sadly, Trina died after a year and the night the cat died, all the scars on Shelley's arms disappeared. ​​Although, I accepted and was open to how Shelley was and knew it was for the greater good, I was always concerned how other people would take it and how they would react to Shelley. I wanted to protect her and her gifts and not let Shelley be taken advantage of or taken for granted. This was something, I learned that I could not prevent. ​Several times throughout Shelley’s youth she was approached by strangers and they would tell her of the gifts that she was blessed with, often advising her to join Spiritual groups or circles or they would say that she would help many one day.  As her mother, I always wanted to go with her, because she was so young and innocent, but I knew that she needed to go in order for her to get confirmation of what she was experiencing. We only went a few times, as it seemed Shelley already understood.  I always felt she knew the pain that people were going through, Shelley could see their hurt, even if they were smiling.  She could see clearly and take the pain away and ease it.  ​As Shelley got older, more people seemed to be attracted to her, they wanted to understand how she saw the world.  Shelley mysteriously met very established teachers who were much, much older than her and she would ask to be a student, because she was alone, but every time, I would hear that each teacher would say, she had her own path and already knew the way.  She received the same reply so many times and as a parent to hear that your daughter ‘knows’ Truth is a beautiful feeling, yet, she is also just my daughter too. Nothing in our culture prepares one for this with your child.  I had to learn to trust in Shelley's path. ​ Shelley also, always went against the grain, she was the first vegetarian in the family, the first to go to university, the first to home-educate her own children.  She was never traditional, not one for routine and was always very spontaneous! ​She was never scared of death or dying and at one point we felt that she did not feel that she belonged in this world and we felt that she did not want her body. A few times, we even thought we were going to lose her during her life time. ​She never wanted any fuss or attention drawn to her, no photos taken or videos of her during her creative arts years on stage and she did not even go to her University graduation day.   ​She had boundless amounts of energy, she would survive on just a few hours sleep each night, even now she is like this. ​​ Shelley had lots of gifts and opportunities given to her in her life and lots of different paths she could have taken, but she stayed always and devotedly upon the path of Spirituality.  ​From a young age, she would always just give and Shelley would not accept any acknowledgement in return.  ​When she was very young and we would visit my parents home, Shelley would often ask to go to the Convent opposite my parents home.  There she would sit with the nuns and talk with them and learn songs, she really liked to be with them. ​Even though Shelley was equally a mummy’s and daddy’s girl, she would love to spend time with her father.  Her father is a mechanic and Shelley would love to be with him, she would put on overalls that were far too big for her and help him with his work.  She would go to breakers yards and she never cared about getting covered in dirt. She always tried to help her dad.  They would spend hours talking about Elvis, Bruce Lee’s philosophies, they would sing together.  Shelley and her father would watch Jesus films together in tears and then discuss the deeper meaning of life.   Her father would ask her questions on God, life after death, which Shelley naturally answered.  Her father found it a great comfort when Shelley gave him messages from his parents who has passed when he was younger.  Shelley would often do her best to help him through his grief. As Shelley got older, she would guide us on all kinds of topics. She would offer healing if my knee, ankle or back needed it and the body would heal.  She would advise us on certain life matters and circumstances and through her teachings we have learnt many things.  She would place her hands open on her father and he would fall into a deep trance like sleep.  She learnt Yoga from young and we went along to her classes and loved to watch her teach and we thoroughly enjoyed her relaxations!  Over the years, I have been to nearly all of her gatherings.  I stand back, amidst her lovely group of followers, watching my daughter shine.  I have always had such belief and faith in her.  I am always in awe to hear how she answers with such ease the many difficult questions from her students.  I love to listen to her wonderful story telling.  We join many of her Healing Connection times and we always have the best deepest sleep.  I am always amazed at the bright light and colours that I see and the sensations that I feel during her connections and I always feel Shelley with me. Shelley has travelled much and has physically moved away a few times and 6 years ago she moved 300 miles away from us, which we have found very difficult. I have always enjoyed our long, deep and meaningful conversations.  Shelley understands me and I can talk to her openly.   She just knows when something is happening or about to happen.  She has predicted many things that have come true over the years. Shelley was very close to my parents and she was by my side to help in my mother’s final stage of life and then my father’s final weeks.  She created a sacred space for their passing and she gave them both comfort, time, love and helped me through my grief too.  The hospice nurses whilst visiting my father were very intrigued by Shelley’s wisdom and compassion during this sensitive and important stage of life and asked her if she would teach them, because they were amazed at the peaceful environment she had created and how my parents passed away so peacefully without hardly any medication.  Shelley also cared for her 2nd cousin whilst she was ill and dying.  Her cousin lived years beyond doctors expectations and would visit Shelley regularly for healing. ​As Shelley’s mother, she has always asked me to keep quiet about her life, her past and her ways.  She never wanted to be known, but I have watched, as people have been drawn towards her.  I have watched over the past 6 years as several students and their families have moved 300 miles to live beside her.  I felt this would happen. Now, it is the time for more people to be helped and healed and I am happy to finally speak about our daughter. ​As her mother, I have witnessed the lonely path that she has been asked to walk, I have seen many need her, many want her help, her time and want to understand her ways.  I have watched many take from her, yet still she gives. She, as my daughter has faced many hardships and has been a courageous, strong and brave young woman.  As her mother, I am extremely proud of her and I am so grateful that she is in our lives. We love her very much and we know why she is here and we know that she is here for you.

Mission and vision

Precious Elements Of Shelley's Life

These are some of the things Shelley enjoys spending her time doing


With me every step of the way.

Shelley Osman is blessed to be the mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife to a very supportive husband, all, whom she loves dearly. 

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Connecting With Nature

Always connected to nature, Shelley loves to be in her garden, at her allotment or enjoying the scenery of the stunning Lake District. She was drawn to be beside the mountains of the Lake District. It truly is a magical, mystical and heart opening place to be.


The Gift Of Poetry

Writing poetry has always been with Shelley. She feels it is a great way to explore the deeper meaning

of the deeper mysteries of this life.

To read an example of one

of Shelley's poems click here

"To truly love, you must truly and fully let go"
~ Shelley Osman

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Shelley's YouTube Channel

If you are curious about the beautiful landscape of the Lake District and living a rural and simple life and a life that radiates healing and well-being, then come and visit Shelley's own YouTube channel where she reveals the secrets to living a more authentic, peaceful and joyous life.

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A Message From Shelley's Students

We believe Shelley is an awakened being, living an awakened life and you will see Shelley in her videos, just the way she is, in her kitchen, around her home or in her vegetable garden, walking her dog in her village, or exploring the stunning Lake District.

Allow Shelley's soothing voice to guide you to finding presence, stillness and healing. Immerse yourself in a visual journey around the magical Lake District that is so dear to Shelley's heart.

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A Few Words From A Childhood Friend


There was a pretty girl at school that I just couldn't help noticing. She stood out from the other girls with her plaited hair and beautiful eyes. She had an air of innocence and intrigue about her. I was then fortunate enough to be introduced to Shelley when we performed in a school play together. After that, we were pretty much inseparable for years. She wrote poetry, danced, sang and ate a lot of liquorice! We spent many happy years as close friends. Years that are unforgettable.


We did eventually go our separate ways due to life choices, however Shelley would always remain a very special person in my heart. We have stayed in contact over the past 25 years and she was there for me when my Father was very ill. Each time he visited Shelley for healing, I noticed a positive change in his wellbeing.

I feel that Shelley helped him come to peace with his terminal illness and he passed away with the dignity that he so wanted. I truly believe this was because of Shelley. To this day, although we live miles apart, Shelley is always there to help and guide me. She has unique qualities that make her an exceptional person and I feel honoured that she is in my life. She has and always will have a very special place in my heart. ️



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