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"Your only purpose in this life is to discover who you are."

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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

Private Sessions

Guidance & Healing Time To Support You On Your Journey
Via Phone Call

If you are at a time of life where you feel lost within yourself, you feel as if everything is falling apart, you are barely coping, just existing.  If you do not know who you are, if you feel that you have no purpose or maybe you are desperate for peace or need guidance in your life or on your spiritual path, then Shelley can help you. Upon meeting you, Shelley's powerful spiritual intuition will allow her to get to the root cause of your suffering and through her wisdom, guidance and healing she will enable you to find a connection with yourself, to find a connection with others and to find connection to your spiritual journey and spiritual path again.  

Many people have come to Shelley after years of counselling and find she gives them the solution to their struggles within minutes.




Shelley has the ability to help people gain clarity, peace and healing. 


            IF YOU ARE LOCAL  


    For a 1-2-1 appointment with                Shelley, email her here.



Many people have found comfort and clarity by speaking with Shelley. 

Listen to what they say here

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"Love is healing, healing is love and all deserve this. You deserve this."

 ~ Shelley Osman

Phone call
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Phone Call

A phone call with Shelley is an opportunity to receive personal guidance for any aspect of your life. 

Many report feeling a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders after receiving a personal guidance call with Shelley.

 Shelley was blessed with a rare and wonderful gift to help people heal and to feel true happiness and peace.

30 mins £40

phone call
Guidance In Person
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Guidance In Person 1-2-1 

Visit Shelley and receive personal one to one guidance and support.

If you are longing for peace, guidance and healing get in touch.

For in person 1-2-1 appointments email Shelley here


How Will I Benefit?

Shelley will fully support you and work with you on any or all areas of your life.

You will start to feel any heaviness you were carrying leave your body, you will feel more steady, more centred; have more clarity and you will see relationships in your life improve!

You will learn to feel more connected to yourself and others and you will learn to flow more easily with life.

A session with Shelley will allow her to
understand your own personal needs and you will receive
healing and guidance direc
tly where you need it most!


“It felt like Shelley knew me better than I knew myself”

~ Bridget Ambrose

The Benefits Of 1-2-1 Support From Shelley

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Receive healing on many levels.

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Learn to work with anxiety, fear and trauma in a kind and gentle way.

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Receive clarity and guidance to 

support you.

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Learn to forgive and release.

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Learn to listen more deeply to your inner voice/wisdom.

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Learn to compassionately work with your feelings.

What They Say

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Emily has been receiving guidance and support from Shelley since the age of 19.


She has benefited from Shelley's teaching's and uses these daily to help her in her life and continues to speak with Shelley once a month.