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Videos to bring you peace, healing and to offer guidance as you journey through life.


These are thought provoking videos to inspire you to live life fully awake and alive to bring healing to your whole being to bless you with calmness and peace and to revive your soul so your heart wants to sing. Receive support on your journey of living a fully awake and healed life.

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Boundless Peace ~ A Healing Deep Rest

Boundless Peace, includes yoga nidra techniques to bring complete rest and boundless peace. Written and spoken by Shelley Osman.

Meditation ~ Sacred Time

A beautiful guided sitting by Shelley Osman. Taking time to be still is extremely important. Our days are so very busy and our minds so full. It is Shelley's hope that this recording offers you peace and allows you to be kind to yourself. 

A Healing Deep Rest ~Feeling Connected

Learning to open to all that is being felt and to release all that is not needed; by becoming aware of breath, body & energy and being present and honouring all feelings & sensations.

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Each video takes Shelley many hours to create so your donations are much appreciated.

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Videos for Healing & Meditation, Deep Rest, Relaxation & Prayer

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How I healed.

I know that many of you have gone through or are are going through difficult times, so I wanted you to know that you are not alone and I wanted to share with you how I healed and found my strength again. 

How can we find peace and strength during our darkest times?

Spiritually, times of great challenge, heaviness and darkness can be the dark night of the Soul, as we begin to awaken to our true Self. There is wisdom in darkness. How do we cope with these feelings? Shelley shares her guidance, feelings and truth. She shares how to feel at rest, slow down and self-nurture, and how to find the light. 

How can we stay at peace during challenging times of loss, suffering or pain?

Shelley brings light and guidance on how to feel good enough, how to love yourself and how to stay at peace when everything feels so challenging and you are faced with so many difficulties.

Are you at a crossroads?

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 Free Prayer 

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Videos for Teaching & Guidance

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Shelley's YouTube Channel

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A few words from Shelley

Welcome! My name is Shelley, I live in a cosy cottage in a pretty village in the heart of the beautiful Lake District. Here, I share my heart with you, as I talk about my own experiences and journey, about matters of the heart and life itself and how I live a gentle way in order to be at peace in this world. I look forward to you joining me, as we journey into moments of stillness, the mystical & the magical, as we venture together on days out around The Lake District, or spend time in my cottage or garden. It is my hope to offer a peaceful haven here, to inspire calm, healing, wisdom, love & light, as I share all that I am passionate about with you. 

Shelley's YouTube channel has been created so that through the videos she can offer a sense of peace through the visual and creative elements of her videos, a sense of healing through the visuals and her voice and a sense of calm. Through these videos she also offers, in her words, guidance and experience from her life that she hopes will help many others. Making these videos, we feel is so important to touch the hearts of as many we can. 

Any support received will help us to create more videos for free on Shelley's channel. Shelley keeps her service fees extremely low (in comparison to the average healer and teacher on the market) in order to keep it affordable for all as she believes that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit.

Your support enables Shelley’s group of volunteers to share and spread Shelley's teachings and reach others who seek freedom and love. Shelley does not like to charge a fee, but has to due everything being so costly.  Funds raised will go towards funding this website, paper, ink, solicitors fees for protecting the work (trademark), the yearly PO Box, equipment needed for live events, the you tube channel and the creation of a future book of her teachings and poetry.

If you feel in your heart you are benefiting and others will benefit and you would like to offer some support financially  we would be very grateful. Thank you for your support. Shelley she spends many, many hours creating all these videos for free, even though there is a cost each month to provide the beautiful music that you hear, she wants this to be her way of offering free teachings. As her compassion is so strong, her services are offered at such a very low price because she wants everyone to be able to afford to get the help they need. Please share her YouTube channel so that others may benefit.


We offer our heartfelt gratitude to those of you who want to be of service in some way to our community and the greater community. Your generous donations of support are so appreciated.

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