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Healing & Awakening Retreat In
The Lake District 
With Shelley Osman

The Gift Of Being

4 Night Retreat
November 8th - 12th 2024


 We are so excited to announce that Shelley Osman is offering a 4 night retreat in the stunning location of
The Lake District

This will be an amazing retreat of Healing and awakening, an opportunity to experience powerful and profound physical, mental and spiritual healing.  

Please get in touch here and leave your details and we will get back to you with details of how to book!


This is an invitation to discover what love is; what true freedom is and to be in the presence of one that can show you the way of connection, connection back to the power of the heart and back to your Self. ​This retreat Shelley will answer the questions you have been longing to know the answers too and will reveal the hidden mysteries to you that you have been seeking for a very long time.

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This is a healing and awakening retreat for those that are seeking to heal and awaken to their true nature and to their true purpose in life.  It is a time where you can retreat back into yourself, away from the busyness, the madness, the loneliness and the chaos of your life. You will find the sanctuary within yourself and be guided not only to that place of awakening, healing and wisdom but be shown how to remain established in that, how to remain centred in that. ​A great number of people have already benefited and experienced the wonders of Shelley's healing and our wish is to spread this healing far and wide. Her vision is for all to be healed and therefore return to a place of true Connection. ​These retreats are very rare - only offered once or twice a year. Allow yourself to be guided into deep rest relaxation, healing and feel the Bliss that can only be experienced (not read or learnt about). Allow Shelley Osman to show you how to connect to the power of the heart and to the divine truth as she says. Shelley is an incredible story teller and keeps everyone engaged who is listening, she brings people right into the present moment so you begin to experience the present more. She has a way with words, she has inate wisdom that seems like she has been her forever and she has the incredible ability to heal your heart, your body, your mind, your soul and if you are ready, to set you free so you begin to live the life that you have always dreamed of and you begin to be the person you were truly born to be.

Retreat Fee

To find out more or to book your space, email Shelley here

Why Would You Want To Attend A Retreat with Shelley?

From One of Shelley Osman's Retreat Attendees Point Of  View written by Amanda Wetherill

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I come on retreat to be close to Shelley and gain from her love and her inner knowing and truth

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 I believe I gain more clarity

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I love to listen to Shelley’s wisdom and put these to practice for myself..I feel her words permeate deep within

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There is no best bit, it’s all a beautiful experience of us all being together and connecting 

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I would come again, to watch how Shelley simply and lovingly lives her life, also witnessing how others are when around her

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Her teachings are beautiful.

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Retreat Fee

What Will Your Time With Shelley Include?

Retreat Fee

Retreat Elements

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Morning meditations (which Shelley calls Sitting With Silence).

Spiritual teachings where Shelley combines storytelling, metaphors with her wisdom.

Question + Answer time with Shelley.


Healing and healing exercises.

Relaxation and Shelley's unique deep rest.

Attending Shelley's popular Healing Connection Circles where you will experience hands on healing first hand yourself.

A day out with Shelley visiting a local Christmas festival where you will be able to buy your Christmas goodies

You will get to see Shelley not just one or two hours a day (which most retreats offer) you

get the opportunity to be with Shelley for hours and hours every day.

As part of this retreat you will also go on beautiful walks around The Lake District with Shelley, where she will continue to guide you in a different way where you can still talk and be with her.

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To find out more about costs, please get

in touch here


Your Teacher 


Shelley Osman

Some call her a healer, others a mystic or a spiritual teacher and guide. 

Since she was a child, she has been told that she was a healer and that she would heal many, many people. She has been told by many teachers, Buddhists, and wise beings who've crossed her path, that she is a Bodhisattva (compassionate being) and an awakened one.

Shelley would say she is just an ordinary being, but if you meet her, you will feel the extraordinary heart of embodied compassion resonating from her. 


She is the founder and the teacher of The Connection Way, which she describes as the way to ultimate healing and awakening.

Working from a lifetime of experience, she believes that this way will empower you and give you back your freedom as she guides you to the power of connection, where one will no longer feel lost and disconnected. 

For those that are seekers of truth, she connects us to the way of awakening, inviting us into the inner journey to the Sacred state of pure Being. 

Her YouTube channel has an array of healing and meditative videos where she shares her life with you.


Image by Johannes Plenio

I have known Shelley for over 15 years in many different capacities, as a yoga teacher, as a healer and also as I see her, my spiritual guide and friend. I have attended her retreats for many years both in Essex and up in the Lake District. The Lake District itself makes the retreats special as it is such a wonderful place. On the retreats we sit in peace and silence, we go on wonderful walks, we do some gentle yoga and even some dancing and chanting when the mood takes Shelley, eat lovingly made food and enjoy each others company, but most of all we learn from Shelley’s teachings, which can come in many ways, directly from Shelley with words and stories but also through events that occur during our time with her. I gain so much from going to these retreats, sometimes I think I haven't got the time and they are the times when I've unknowingly needed them the most, I feel more at one with the world when I leave and a peace knowing everything is as it should be.

Would highly recommend anyone to attend. 



Enjoy a retreat in the stunning Lake District

Location and venue
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Grange over Sands, Cumbria, UK.

If you wish to stay at the retreat venue during the duration of your stay, please get in touch here.

There are many B+B's and guest houses in the area if you wish to book your own accommodation visit a selection here.


This retreat is full board and includes

breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day and will include tea, coffee, herbal tea, soft drinks and snacks.

All of your meals will be home cooked and vegan.

If you require gluten free meals

please advise us.

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This retreat is held in a beautiful venue in the village of Lindale in Cumbria. It is a characterful, semi-detached Georgian house tucked away in a lovely village near Grange Over Sands in the Lake District National Park. This stone-built cottage is located over three floors with spacious living areas, stylishly presented with high ceilings and period details.

Relax in the beautiful, cosy lounge and be warmed by the fire as you listen to Shelley's wisdom.

We will gather in the dining area for hearty and wholesome meals. 

There is a convenient utility area to keep boots and coats, and if needed you can wash any walking gear ready for the next day in the washer/dryer. The rear door connects to the garden, which has a courtyard and outdoor chairs where you can enjoy sitting amongst the flowers and herbs and soak in the stillness of this peaceful village.

What Will You Gain From This Retreat?

Every single one of Shelley's retreats have been known to be beyond what anybody has expected and have surpassed all expectations and have given people everything that they have wished for.

Each person has left each retreat and commented it was as if they had sat in Divine company with Divine herself and have felt fully restored, healed and all of their sufferings and problems were set free during that time. They felt it was other worldly and each retreat attendee has returned every year as Shelley never fails to deliver her wisdom, compassion and there never fails to be a dry eye in the room that Shelley offers. 

What Are Retreats Like

With Shelley Osman?

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Shelley teaches about awakening to your true essence and offers the experience of profound healing bringing you back to the connection and the power of your heart. She teaches through her presence, with compassion and humour and she offers talks and story telling that keep our ears fully alert and opens our heart into the gift presence.

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 To Find Out More Information

If You Live In The Lake District And Would Like To Attend

If you are local to the area and you cannot join the whole retreat, but you would like to attend part of the retreat, please enquire here

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"Discover who you are and then you will be at peace."Shelley Osman

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Time With Shelley Always Feels Like Coming Home

 Jane G.


This picture says something to me about the weekend spent with Shelley - the beauty of nature, the warmth of companionship, and the bright sun, like the words we heard, illuminating everything.


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"Find that One who will guide you and keep you on that great path".~ Shelley Osman

Local Places To Explore

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Grange Town Council 

Grange-over-Sands is the perfect place to stay during your retreat as you relax and unwind. It is a 10 minute drive from Lindale. You can enjoy a stroll along the promenade with panoramic views across Morecambe Bay or venture into the Ornamental Gardens which boasts semi-tropical trees and a beautiful lake home to Geese, Ducks and Waterfowl from all over the world. Alternatively a slightly more demanding climb will take you to the summit of Hampsfell with spectacular views of the whole of the mountains of Cumbria, the Pennines and even the mountains of Scotland.


Visit the sensory garden or simply enjoy a traffic free stroll to Kents Bank stopping along the way to take a closer look at the mud flats and sandbanks of the bay, which are important feeding grounds for seabirds and waterfowl. Discover more about Grange here.



Holker Hall.jpg

Holker Hall

Holker Hall is the home of the Cavendish Family who welcome visitors of all ages to one of the best-loved stately homes in Britain. For more information visit


Cartmel Village

The Medieval village of Cartmel has a rich heritage, and varied list of activities for visitors. You will also find a range of artisan, boutique and craft shops. For more information visit

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There’s plenty to do in the bustling town of Bowness-on-Windermere. Enjoy the finest views from England’s longest lake by taking in a boat trip and don't forget to visit the world of Beatrix Potter. Click here for more information on Bowness-on-Windermere.