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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

You will see on this page Shelley has offered many wonderful workshops, events and retreats over many years. There are so many that we haven't added them all here!

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20th November 2023

The Healing Connection Circle

"I saw colours purple and green then towards the end it changed to yellow like sunflowers. Sensations in my legs felt like my bottom was moving on the chair. A lot of heat from Shelley's head, healing."



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15th October 2022

The Lake District
"Healing Connection Circle"

"When Shelley put her hand on my back, behind my heart, I felt a comforting, immense heat that was so powerful I felt a release of emotion that I never knew was there, gently leave my heart. I left feeling so much lighter and calmer."

Kate from Cumbria

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24th June 2022

The Lake District
"The Healing Connection Circle"

Andrew ~ My experience was after Shelley had but her hands on me I felt my sinuses release, I've had sinus trouble for years, and my eyes suddenly started to water and drip off my chin, I've never had an experience like that before. I could breath better for the rest of the night and slept well.

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18th-22nd May 2023

The Lake District "The Gift Of Healing" Retreat

This retreat was an amazing opportunity to experience powerful and profound physical, mental and spiritual healing. This time of Healing and awakening was a gift for all that attended. 


1st - 3rd July 2022

The Lake District 
"The Gift Of Healing" Retreat

This month we had the first retreat with Shelley in over 4 years, it is one that will stay in the hearts of those who attended it for a long time. As always with Shelley’s past retreats it was filled with love, joy, laughter & healing.

A beautiful weekend of teachings and healing that brought us all so much joy and release that we all left feeling light, brighter and full of love. 

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26th November 2022

The Lake District "Evening Of Pure Bliss ~ A Candlelit Healing Meditation" 

"These sorts of people are very few and far between, I don’t know anybody quite like Shelley, in that her gift is unique". 

Peter Harvey

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2nd July 2022

The Lake District
"The Healing Connection Circle"

Marzena ~ When Shelly was with another person opposite me, I felt a vibration in the part of my body, exactly in the affected/sick area and a flash of bright  light in front of my closed eyes. I got the feeling that everything would be fine.

Healing Circle With Shelley Osman In Cumbria

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24th May 2020

The Lake District
"Evening Of Pure Bliss. Candlelit Healing Meditation& Deep Rest"

Karyn Loader~Thank you for such a relaxing, informative evening last night. The atmosphere you created was so calm and the hall looked beautiful with all the candles and specially chosen crystals . Thank you for your healing and teachings.


26th April 2020

"Celebrating and honouring Ann Cummins" 

Sally Ann Grant ~Thank you so much Shelley Osman for firstly supporting my mum and me through such a difficult time. She passed away so peacefully.  Her faith in you and her belief in calming the mind comforted her so much. Thank you to everyone in Shelley’s community that raised money through the zoom event. The money will be used towards a celebration of mums life when lockdown is finally over and people are able to attend. 🙏🏼❤️


12th April 2020

Online Event 
"A Time For Healing, Protection & Connection" 

Shelley Morris ~ That was so Beautiful! Thank you so much Shelley.


18th November 2018

"The Power of Healing"

Jane Gyamfi-Sarkodie~ I'm so very grateful for the time spent with Shelley Osman and all these lovely people in Roydon Village Hall on Sunday. It was wonderful. Laughter, some tears (for me), forgiveness and healing.


8th July 2018

Roydon Essex
"The gift of Healing"

Kim Harrold~ Some how a good few years ago I found my way to Shelley, not knowing why. Every time I attend her gatherings I feel great love and peace. Its an experience I cant put into words. At the last gathering and after I felt like I was floating and found the healing exercises beautiful. Since then I have dream't that I am back in the healing group , so I feel the healing carries on far more than I realized.. Thank you Shelley for the love and wisdom. xxx


26th May 2018

Roydon Essex
"Blessings of healing & Love"

Sharon Mcrindle~ I received a powerful experience of release during the ' sitting with silence 'session with Shelley in Roydon. Shelley has known no different but the Divine' since a child. She had kept very quiet about this and just a few have known of her abilities to facilitate others to ' connect'. 


16th-18th March 2018

The Lake District
"Steps To A Peaceful Life"

Pushpa Minstry No matter what the weather throws at us, we come back from the beautiful Lake District every time feeling blessed and with this wonderful sense of calm. Thank you Shelley for another special weekend.


28th December 2017

"Power Of The Heart. An Evening Of Peace & Bliss"

Katrina Caddy-Spoto Feeling blessed to have had a wonderful evening with Shelley and all who attended last night. It is so special to hear the wonderful talks and listen to others with similar questions. A chance to look within and feel the peacefulness that Shelley is all about during this busy Christmas period. x


1st December 2017

The Lake District
"Evening Of Pure Bliss. Candlelit Healing Meditation & Deep Rest"

Jo Johnstons -Definitely blissful! .Thank you Shelley Osman.and everyone else for their positive energy.


28th October 2017


Shelley morris~ Would just like to share how much I enjoyed the healing event with Shelley. As soon as you enter the room and hear Shelley's voice you start to relax and feel at ease. I sensed a great deal of love and healing throughout the afternoon and time flew although we were there for over 3 hours.


29th September-6th October 2017

The Lake District
"True Peace, True Compassion, True Self"

Katrina Caddy-Spoto ~ Beautiful walking in nature during time with Shelley and the lovely people who have attended this special time together, a chance to reflect and take in the scenery . 


27th-29th January 2017

"Power of the Heart"

Jane Gyamfi-Sarkodi ~Time spent with Shelley always feels like coming home.


2nd-4th December 2016

"Everlasting Peace"

Kate Jakszewicz- There is always a feeling of "coming home" when we get together with Shelley, a feeling of peace, calm and love which brings me away from my many thoughts and into a quiet, comforting place that allows me to be still.

Image 01-05-2020 at 10.12.jpg

30th September-3rd October 2016

The Lake District
"Heal Thyself"

Kirsty Watson-the teachings that shelley brings awakens the love and wisdom that we all have inside us, the time spent with Shelley always makes me feel rested and secure that all is as it should be. These weekends are so beneficial to all that attend and the added bonus of being in the most beautiful setting of the Lake District.x

Healing Retreat

22nd-24th April 2016 

"You are the One!"

Pushpa Mistry -Each moment we spend with Shelley I do feel we are reaching that place we long for.which is " No place" as we are already there. Each time we are finding it easier to just look within ourselves to find the peace that is already in our hearts. Each time we meet Shelley we find it easier to acknowledge that all is perfect.

Healing Retreat In Lake District

The Lake District
"The path of Devotion"

Jane Gyamfi - Sarkodi ~ At times I found it hard to believe I was really there, listening to the pure truth of Shelley's words, and experiencing the love of God, of the divine, the beloved. 

Healing Retreat In Lake District

The Lake District

"Wisdom of the Heart" 

Katrina Caddy - Spoto ~ Shelley has offered us many hours of blessings, silent time, beautiful prayers and chanting. During this time together, we have heard and absorbed a lot of guidance on the importance of surrender, of giving all worries, joys, fears and pleasures up to a higher source in order to set our hearts free.

Healing Retreat In Lake District

The Lake District
"Just Be Yourself"

Christine Purcell- My experience of the session was one of love, caring and compassion. These were the feeling that I took away with me and are still with me. I feel completely calm and peaceful with myself.

10th-13th September 2015

3rd-8th December 2015

5th-8th February 2016

Healing Retreat In Lake District

10th-17th May 2015

The Lake District
"Be Silent and Surrender into the Heart"

Jane Gymafi-Sarkodie~This picture says something to me about the weekend spent with Shelley - the beauty of nature, the warmth of companionship, and the bright sun, like the words we heard, illuminating everything.

Healing Retreat In Lake District

6th-9th November 2014

The Lake District
"Know Thyself"

Ann Cummins ~ Staying in Cumbria for a Yoga Retreat run by Shelley, early starts for us, enjoying every minute of this tranquil place!

Healing Retreat

19th-21st July 2013

"Time to Be"

Pushpa Minstry ~ Being at peace is being happy as you are. Ard Nahoo was our silent retreat where Shelley guided us to that blissfully space that is within us all.

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