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Shelley Osman Mystic

Healing is awakening and awakening is healing

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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

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What Is The Connection Way?

I invite you to experience what it is like to be and to feel fully connected with the magic of the entire universe, to feel your heart open to the mystery of this wonderful existence.

Imagine living a peaceful life, being and feeling connected to everything, in harmony with all things, balanced, grounded, steady within yourself, understanding your nature and the nature of everything. No more battles, just a sense of love and compassion.


If you would like to live this way, to be this way, to embody this, then know that this is possible for you too. 

Support For Healing & Awakening


VIDEOS | For Healing

Allow Shelley to guide you to find presence and healing, and immerse yourself in a visual journey around the magical Lake District that is so dear to her heart.

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With Shelley Osman

Deepen Your Connection On The  Spiritual Path By Attending Shelley's Events.

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Are you feeling lost? Unsure who to turn to?

The weight on your shoulders will fall away as you speak with Shelley. Whatever situation you are experiencing she will help you. Find out more

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LATEST POST | The Journey Within

Guidance by Shelley through her poetry.

Dear friend,

So many are feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, not heard or seen and disconnected from themselves, loved ones, others and their surroundings, I offer a way that will connect you back to the power of your heart and back to your true Self.

Are you ready to heal and remember who you truly are? I have always said that true healing is true awakening. I call it The Connection Way. 

Welcome To The Connection Way With Shelley Osman


About Shelley

Shelley has been known most of her life as a spiritual teacher, mystic, healer,  poet, writer and yogi. 

Shelley never calls herself by any name or label, she just believes that she is here to be of service to anyone who feels lost, anyone who wants to understand who they are, to anybody who wants help on their spiritual path and journey. She is here too teach what true spirituality is, what true connection is and how to connect completely to the power within by understanding the power of the heart.

Most people who come to Shelley have tried every spiritual practice, modality out there or some form of counselling or therapy and have come to Shelley by recommendation and have finally found what they have been looking for, finally found the path they were searching for and are now learning what they need to learn to be fully empowered, fully connected and free within themselves again.


Shelley is all about the heart, all she shares comes from her heart and she wants to share her heart with you so that you can live a life that feels peaceful, steady and full of love again.

Everything Shelley Does Comes From The Heart

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Shelley Osman is known as a spiritual teacher, healer, poet/writer and yogi, who has spent many selfless years showing people the way to their true being. She has the ability to see what people need and helps them to remove the weight of the world that resides upon their shoulders.


She will give you the power to heal and transform your life and free you from the negativity that makes you feel lost and that everyday is a great challenge. 

Throughout Shelley's personal spiritual journey, fellow teachers and students from around the world have said to her that she is an enlightened being here to show the way.  This is not something that Shelley would personally say to people about herself, however she is extremely grateful for the kind words from others who hold her in such high regard". Read more here


Written by Shelley's husband.

To experience your Self, to know who you are and what you are,
is the only purpose we have in being here".
~ Shelley Osman

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Journey And Connect With Shelley

The Connection Way...
The Journey Of Understanding Who You Truly Are
The Connection To The Power Of Your Heart

Sometimes the boats just stay wishing and longing, feeling part in water and part on land, disconnected yet knowing there is a connection to be found.


Others start to travel until they cross the waters to the shore of home, to the place of belonging, to the place where all is known, this is the place where we have gone through many challenges in order to understand who we truly are, the place where we feel fully connected again as we have learnt and understood

The Connection Way. 


Here's What People Are Saying About Shelley Osman

"Shelley is the gift I won’t let go of; the gift I will hold onto for always". ~ PUSPHA MISTRY

"Shelley is an old soul, an enlightened being."~ JOANNE MARWOOD

"Shelley has been able to help me in so many ways that no one or nothing else could over the years." ~ JOANNE MADDAMS

"As soon as I met Shelley I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and that was just from being in her presence!" ~ EMILY BARKER

"I have experienced the connection of my heart and my soul with the guidance from Shelley." ~ DENISE HORNER

"Shelley guides me to pure joy and peace whenever I feel worried or overwhelmed with life." ~ KATE JAKSZEWICZ


Audios For Connection
A Healing & Awakening Journey



The Connection Way Practices

Guided meditation, deep rest, healing, heart connection exercises, teachings and relaxations, listen from the comfort of your own home