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The Prayer Connection candles are for when we feel like we need prayer.

All candles are individually hand poured and Made in Britain.


Burn time: up to 14 hours

Dimensions: approx. 7cm (d) x 4.2 cm (h)

Made in: the little fishing village of Flookburgh in Cumbria.

Other: Our artisan candles are vegan friendly and our fragrances are not tested on animals. All our candles are made by hand with each candle individually hand poured.

To open your candle: lever off the paint pot lid with a coin or spoon handle.

To get the best from your candle: trim the wick to 5 mm before every burn and burn the candle for up to 3 hours each time to melt all the wax surface. Please follow the safe use instructions on the base of each candle.


Affirmation tags: 

Shelley has designed some beautiful affirmation tags that come with a choice of cord (select from the drop down box below). These words can be used as a mantra, kept in your pocket or besides you during your Healing Connection times. 

Sandlewood & Cardomom


Candle Sale

When you receive your candle please remove all packaging. Place on a stable level, heat resistant surface away from draughts and combustible materials. Not wood, plastic or any material that may mark with heat. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Always trim wick to 5mm prior to each use. Before lighting your candle please remove the cord around your candle tin. This cord has an affirmation for you to use as a tool to help you with your day and can be used for example as book marks, or on your mobile phone or keyring. Please do not replace the cord on the candle tin. Stop burning when 5mm of wax remains . Keep wax pool free of foreign objects eg. matches as this may cause a dangerous source of flame. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Container may become hot during use. Extinguish if flame becomes enlarged or smokes. Do not burn this candle for more than 3 hours at anyone time.