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Shungite is a black stone made from mainly carbon. The carbon makes it unusually lighter than most other crystals and also gives it a metallic black colour.

Shungite is known as a great purification crystal and also has many healing and grounding properties. It has been used to improve health and is still used in elixirs and potions today.

It can also be used to amplify psychic power and cloaks you from bad energy.

This beautiful bracelet is known to provide protection from EMF’s. Wearing it on your wrist will help eliminate the negative effects from EMF’s throughout your day when coming into contact with various devices.

Each bracelet sold individually



Please note that each crystal is individual and may differ slightly in size, colour and shape in comparison to the image shown.  Every crystal is unique, therefore, the product pictured here may appear slightly different to the crystal that you will actually receive.

Shungite Pink String Half Beaded Bracelet