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Selenite Crystal Sphere (Diameter= 70-80mm) with base stand included. Please be super careful when you unwrap these as selenite is very soft. Magical selenite sphere with wonderful light rolling around inside it. Crystal Spheres have been around for centuries, used by mystics and wise beings.


Spheres are carved into this shape to enhance the outlet of the energy of the crystal, the 360 degree surface of the sphere is an open door for the properties of the crystal which spread outwards into the environment. Wonderful as spiritual meditation tools.


  • Used for Good Luck
  • Used for  Healing
  • Selenite can clear & activate the crown chakra 



Please note that each crystal is individual and may differ slightly in size, colour and shape in comparison to the image shown.  Every crystal is unique, therefore, the product pictured here may appear slightly different to the crystal that you will actually receive.

Selenite Crystal Sphere