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Shungite pendant shaped into a rhombus, comes with stylish black string ready to wear.


Shungite is probably one of the best natural substances on Earth that will help protecting from such frequencies as EMF fields, 5G, wi-fi and geopathic stress. Shungite pendants, bracelets and earrings can neutralize the most of an EMF radiation and not allow it to enter the soft tissue of the body.

Shungite pendant helps to equalize and to regulate the overall energy background. A piece of shungite normalizes streaming of nervous process in human bodies, increases working capacity and nervous stability. Shungite pendants are helpful in thyroid gland diseases, vegetative vascular dystonia and reduced life tonus.

Shungite is also used to protect against the Electro Magnetic Forces (EMF) emanated from electronic products in your home like your computer, TV, mobile phone, microwave etc. Keeping some of these stones near the electronic equipment and you’ll be protected from these harmful EMF’s, as EMF is also considered to cause many diseases including cancer. These stones are also proved to helpful in psychic protection.

Each year scientists publish journals about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation on human health. It is a fact that these radiations cause the development of cancerous cells. Human biofield has an electromagnetic nature. EMF suppresses the biofield and influences pathogenic to an organism. Forewarned is forearmed.

The simplest method of protecting ourselves from these EMF influences is to stay away from its sources. Unfortunately, in our modern day, this has proven to be impossible.

Shungite contains small quantities of other crystals and minerals (pyrite and quartzite) . You may see these inclusions in any shungite product, which is normal.

Wash your pendant under warm running water before the first use to avoid black stains (postproduction dust) on your skin and clothes, leave it to dry in sunlight to recharge. As a manually cut stone, shape and size may vary.



Please note that each crystal is individual and may differ slightly in size, colour and shape in comparison to the image shown.  Every crystal is unique, therefore, the product pictured here may appear slightly different to the crystal that you will actually receive.

Shungite EMF Protection Pendant Rhombus

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