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How to Access Your Zoom Yoga Class With Shelley Osman.

Our online sessions are currently being live-streamed via Zoom. All you need to join your session is a device with a screen, sound output and internet connection, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Most people find a laptop or tablet better as it's easier to see me with a bigger screen. Just make sure you've got somewhere to prop up your device in a place that's easy to see when you're on your mat.

Finding Your Access Link and Password

When you book a session via my website, you'll receive a Zoom access link and password in your confirmation email. You'll also find them in the reminder email you receive 24hrs before your class (see below example). Sometime these emails get stuck in spam boxes, so do check there first before messaging about missing emails. 

If you have signed up for weekly classes you'll receive an email each week prior to your class start time with the access details so you can join the class.




                                           Access link example

Joining the Session from a Smartphone or Tablet

If you're joining your first session from a smartphone or tablet, simply click on your Zoom access link to get going. You should then be prompted to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the App/Play Store. Once downloaded, you should automatically be taken to your session. If this method doesn't work, try downloading the app first (Android|Apple) and then try your access link.

Joining from a Laptop or Computer

When entering a Zoom meeting for the first time from a computer, you will be prompted to download a small application file. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the download. This process is easy to complete on all commonly used browsers. You will then be prompted to join audio - select the option to 'Join with Computer Audio'.

Turning on Your Video

When you join a group session, your video and microphone will automatically be turned off. You are not able to switch your microphone on with the settings I use - it's just too noisy having sound coming in from multiple devices in a group session. You do however have the option to turn on your video and I would encourage you to do this. It's lovely to see everyone and it's helpful for me to be able to see you when teaching. 

Turning your video on is optional. If you do switch your video on, others in the session will also be able to see you, so if you'd rather keep your video off and just watch and listen in instead, that's fine. 

Selecting Speaker View

You'll want to use 'Speaker View' so that the image of me takes up most of your screen. Speaker view is the default, but if you find yourself on 'Gallery View' where the video of me is smaller like everyone else's, you can switch back by selecting 'Speaker View' in the top right hand corner of your screen. On a smartphone, you can switch view by swiping across the screen. 

Using the Chat Box

As I won't be able to hear you, you are welcome to use the chat box to say hello to the group or talk to me about poses, injury concerns etc. You can select to send your message just to me or to the whole group if you'd like.


Joining for the First Time?

If you're joining a class for the first time, it's a good idea to join 10 minutes early so you have time to get set up and sort out any problems. To get yourself accustomed to this way of communicating, we recommend doing a Zoom test call (just you) before attending an event or personal guidance meeting with Shelley. This will allow you to get familiar with it and check everything is in place for when you need. 


A Recap of what to do

  • First, sign up for a free Zoom account (this is optionable but makes things easier).

  • Then, download Zoom to your device (Zoom Client for Meetings for Macs, PCs or the Zoom Mobile App for iPads and iPhones, Android) - Remember, the bigger the screen, the better view you'll have.

  • Access your booked event or personal guidance meeting by using the Zoom link from your confirmation email (or use the Meeting ID in Join a Meeting in the Zoom Desktop Client or App), then enter the session's password (also in your booking confirmation email).

  • When relevant, select 'Open' and then 'Join with Computer Audio' - that should bring you into the class.


Guidelines for inside the class

  • Each event or personal meeting is password-protected, so it's a safe online space.

  • During the event or meeting, the video will be locked to the large screen - to give you more privacy in your own home.

  • So that Shelley can see you fully, place your device on a sturdy table or similar so that she can see you and connect with your fully.

  • Lighting - situate yourself so that you have a light in front of you and not behind you (eg a lamp for an evening event or a window for a daytime event).

  • Devices - A laptop will allow you to see Shelley better on the bigger screen but a mobile device will be sufficient.

  • Minimise the chance of disturbances - do make sure that your device is plugged in or fully charged and that other tabs or apps are closed so they don't use and overload your internet access. Ask others in your house to stay off anything bandwidth-hungry.

  • To prevent being disturbed - Let your family know that you are taking this time for yourself and to honour this time for you to have in peace during the event. 

  • Join the event or meeting - 10 minutes early to get set up. 

  • When you enter the event or meeting: 

                  Your video should automatically come on. If not, click Start Video in the bottom left corner                     of your screen.

                  For events - Your audio will be muted. Feel free to unmute yourself (with another button in                       the bottom left corner of your screen). When its time for an event to start Shelley will mute                       everyone to prevent disturbances. 

                  Personal Meetings - Your audio will not be muted.

Zoom help guides: 

If you need any further guidance please get in touch.

Zoom photo.png
Zoom photo 2.png
Zoom photo 3.png
Zoom photo 4.png
Zoom photos 5.png


Thanks for booking!


You’re all set now. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Here are the details:

Ashtanga Yoga with Shelley Osman

When: Monday, 27 September 2021 18:30 BST
Where: Online


Video Conference: Join Meeting (this will be a link)
Password to join the meeting: (password will be here)
Description: Ashtanga Yoga

We look forward to seeing you!


Shelley Osman

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