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Shelley Osman Mystic


Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

What Is The Connection Way?

add correct video (the connection way - Shelley sitting by the lake with alfie) here once Katrina edited 

Dear friend, are you ready to heal and remember who you truly are? I have always said that true healing is true awakening, I call it The Connection Way. 

So many feel overwhelmed, not good enough, not heard or seen and disconnected from themselves, loved ones, others and their surroundings, I offer a way that will connect you back to the power of your heart and back to your true Self.

I invite you to experience what it is like to be and to feel fully connected with the magic of the entire universe, to feel your heart open to the mystery of this wonderful existence.

Imagine living a peaceful life, being and feeling connected to everything, in harmony with all things, balanced, grounded, steady within yourself, understanding your nature and the nature of everything. No more battles, just a sense of love and compassion.


If you would like to live this way, to be this way, to embody this, then know that this is possible for you too. 

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Who Is Shelley?

"Shelley Osman is a healer, a mystic, poet and a spiritual teacher, who has spent many selfless years showing people the way to their true being. She has the ability to see what people need and helps them to remove the weight of the world that resides upon their shoulders. She will give you the power to heal and transform your life and free you from the negativity that makes you feel lost and that everyday is a great challenge. 

 Everything Shelley does comes from the heart.

Throughout Shelley's personal spiritual journey, fellow teachers and students from around the world have said to her that she is an enlightened being here to show the way.  This is not something that Shelley would personally say to people about herself, however she is extremely grateful for the kind words from others who hold her in such high regard". Read more here


Written by Shelley's husband.


Journey And Connect With Shelley

Image by Johannes Plenio

"Shelley is there for anyone who wants to be shown the Truth, to help us remember who we truly are."

Amanda Wetherill

"Healing should be for everyone and everybody"
~ Shelley Osman


Welcome To My Blog

Hello friends,

I just thought I'd let you know, that I have now started a blog on my website. I will be sharing with you my poetry, creative writing, my quotes, some of my feelings and teachings and I will also be sharing with you in my blog about how I live my life the best way that I can living what I feel is a gentle way of living.