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I Am Always Here

I am here always

If I could just be with you for a while.

To hold your hand, to make you smile.

If I could sit beside you and assure you that all is fine.

If I could manifest some miraculous sign.

That could take all of your pain instantly away,

I would give anything to see that day.

To see you feel like yourself again.

Someone, please tell me how?

Please tell me when?

You deserve to laugh, to do so much more

To see you struggle, pains me to the core.

You will get through this, I know you


I will be here, always waiting until, you feel,

You can.

I am here here always.

~ Poem written by Shelley Osman

~Art work by Kaethe Butcher Illustrations

#comfort #love #alwayshereforyou #kindness #unconditionallove #suffering #mentalhealth #awareness #connection #youarenotalone #support #motherdaughtertime #truefriends

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