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Let Them Say What They Want To Say

Let them say what they want to say. Let them think what they want to think. If you think I'm too this or too that, Well, that is up to you to believe. I no longer worry or care what others think or say I am far too busy living each and every day. For I learned that life is too short to worry about those who do not truly care for me. Let them judge. Let them gossip Let them be who they want to be.

I choose to no longer hear or fear their false and unkind words. I choose to live a life of joy, of smiles and positivity, away from any herd. If being who I am is too much for you to take Well, I wish you well in all that you do. Now, I'll get back to eating cake.

Do not let others dim your light Shine as bright as you want to shine. You do your thing and I'll do mine! If they can not handle your brightness, Well, that is not your fault. Do not allow the insecurities or ignorance of others to put you in the dark. You are given the gift of life, so share your beautiful heart.

I want to feel, to be, to enjoy being me. Don't you? I am now comfortable enough in this skin to let your judgements just wash over me. This blessing of a body, this blessing of a life is so valuable It is far more important to live, than to allow the unkind stares of others to destroy me. There is far too much pain and strife in this world to worry about what others think of me. I decided long ago, that if you do not love me for me, then that is your choice, but after the suffering I have seen and been through, I choose loving, joy, acceptance and compassion as the only roads for me.

If you want to dance under the moonlight, or sing as loud as you can, if you want to have fun then do whatever and laugh whilst you can! If you want to eat late, lay in until noon, enjoy sunsets and flowers, then do it! No one has the right to tell you how to be. Be who you are unashamedly! Love who you are with all of your heart. Enjoy this body whilst it is here and live this life as you want to with out fear. As long as you do good and you are kind, Tell everyone else to mind their own business if they dare judge you for being you. You are not here to to be suppressed by what others believe you should be or what you should do.

We are here to be happy and that is all that I want for you too. The secret is, that when you truly love and embrace who you are You can then love everyone else fully too, just as they are. Just like I love you

~Written By Shelley Osman.

Copyright, 21.4.2023.

~Art by Ronald West


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