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Let It Come, Let It Go

Some days are harder, tougher, too difficult to face, Everything feels out of sorts and completely out of place. I decided to stop fighting a very long time ago, For what was there to win? I could only lose in pushing and hurting myself so. When the mind feels frazzled and the body feels weak, Do not see rest or stopping and being as something of defeat.

Stop, sit here awhile and allow the calmness to hold you. All of that dreadful fear, worry and anxiety will not do, You any good, my dear, but will leave you feeling empty, Even more worn out, tired and lacking in energy. The most valuable thing that you could do, Is to remember the value of you. So, Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, my child, be still and you will see, That in these moments that seem too much to bare, You have to breathe, breathe, breathe in to self-care, To be true to yourself, is to let go of everything else. In those moments that tumble upon you like hell. I know what it is like, we all have so many stories to tell. Put your hand on your heart, feet firm on the ground, Stand still, take a moment and take a good look around. Feel your heart beating, your body alive Know that you are strong and that you will survive. Remember, that some days are just harder and some days are easier.

On the easy days, just sit and enjoy the ease of it all, Who knows what each day will bring? Some feel like sugar coated and some greatly sting. All I know dear one and all I can say, Is all that we can do is to take each day As it comes and watch it as it goes, without holding on, Then no harm can ever be done. I know that this sounds simple, yet I have found it to be true, That the best thing to do, is to breathe with it, breathe with it, Just as life breathes through me and you. Each breath comes and each breath goes, So, let it come, let it go, let it come, let it go. Whatever shall be, will be, could be the mantra That we sing, in order to treat ourselves more preciously. ~Written By Shelley Osman, Copyrighted 2023, 1/3/2023. ~Artist Credit Beth Conklin #wordsofwisdom #wordstoheal #feeling #help #mentalhealth #calm #breathe #guidance #awareness #awakening #connection #positivity #poetry #writing #selfcare #letitgo


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