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The Seer

I am the Seer

For I can see,

All that moves through me

With clarity

I embrace all that comes here

There is no fear.

I am the seer

At peace with the dark,

I meet it kindly

with my open heart.

I am able to travel this road lightly

With the heaviest of weight,

Journeying with it tenderly

I release it at the gate.

Taking the time to unravel

All that knocks upon this door.

The path I take is the one least travelled,

Yet, so much easier than the one before.

I tread this path respectfully,

Loving all that meets me,

upon this road.

I am free

I am The Seer

Written by Shelley Osman

Art work by Annie Hamman Art


Such a powerful poem . Thank you Shelley 💐


Kate J
Kate J
Nov 05, 2022

Beautiful xx

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