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Connecting To The Power Of The Heart

Shelley shares what she offers through End Of Life Connection ~being a Compassionate Guardian

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End Of Life Connection

End Of Life Connection

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Shelley has spent a lot of time working with the terminally ill, the elderly and people during their last days. Shelley is a loving end of life 'Compassionate Guardian' ( a term that Shelley founded)

She can provide you or a family member with the following support based around what is needed: 

-Distant Healing connection during final days/hours to bring peace and comfort (ease any discomfort).

- Telephone guidance to help one relax and be at peace during this sacred journey of end of Life.

-Answer any questions around spirituality.

-Practical advice on arrangements that need to be made.

- Support and guidance to family members.

- To teach loved ones how to create a peaceful and sacred environment during this time.

- Support and guidance for the terminally ill and for the one near end of life.

-Support for those that are grieving during this delicate time.

- Support for friends and family after the loss of their loved one. 

- A compassionate ear to listen to the fears and worries and concerns.

- A compassionate friend to listen to all the stories of your loved ones life and to help with their future wishes.

 Shelley offers support via Zoom or telephone, please get in touch and let

us know what support is needed.

As each families needs are very personal, Shelley will confirm a fee specific to your needs. 

If you would like Shelley's support or any further information on what Shelley offers for End of Life Connection and on the grieving process please get in touch. 


Through The Connection Way Shelley teaches her students on how to work with grief, sorrow and loss.


She teaches her healing methods that offer comfort and peace during these challenging times.

Take look at Shelley's YouTube channel to discover some free content that may help you during these times. 



"I do not believe in goodbyes. There are no goodbyes. There is only love and love is what holds everything tenderly together.


Love is the source and the home of all of us."

Part of a poem written by Shelley Osman


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 "Her compassion

is infinite."

~ Jane Gyamfi Sarkodie

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