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Do Not Leave My Heart In The Dark

Do Not Leave My Heart In The Dark

This heart just wants to love and be loved, Please do not leave my heart in the dark. Do not let my heart feel alone, because you are unable to hold this heart of mine.

This heart feels, it wants to feel, I am not afraid of that, So do not think that I am, by thinking that you know my heart.

Look at your own heart Ask your heart; Are you ready to fully love with this heart of yours? Are you ready to love me as I am?

Do not protect this heart of mine from the truth, by lying, or hiding things from me, because you are afraid of my reaction, From how you think I will be, Tarnishing me with the your own emotional brush.

This heart wants to be included in every little thing. It wants to cry It wants to sing It wants to be a heart that feels.

If you hide from my heart, It makes it ache It then starts to break All my trust.

Let this heart feel, Do not hide from me, Let me in! This heart stops beating When you hide your love .

For a heart just knows, It knows when you are hurting, When you lie, or are happy, So do not try to hide from me Let it all be As it is Let my heart be.

This heart wants to belong, To be accepted This heart longs to be understood by you Please, just be true To this heart of mine.

When there are secrets, A heart is always left out. A heart is then pushed aside. Pushed out!

Love this Heart of mine and in time you will see How hearts loving together Set us all free.

Please do not leave my Heart in the dark.


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