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Pure Bliss ~ Deep Rest

"Deep Rest is what brings one to the Silence, to the stillness within, to the state that is closest to your true nature"~Shelley Osman.

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Shelley Osman is the originator of Deep Rest  It is a doorway to Bliss, even though nothing is new under the Sun, Shelley is the inspiration behind the method of Deep Rest.  It has flourished and evolved from the experience of many years of Shelley offering healing work, guidance and spiritual practices. 

All are welcome to attend this event. You do not have to be an existing student of Shelley's. It is an evening designed for anyone who is looking for peace, relaxation, Healing, more clarity and calmness in their lives.

An evening to indulge, rest and nurture yourself through guided meditation, Healing and Shelley's blissful "Deep Rest".

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I will first of all guide you through a few gentle movements to release any physical tightness or tension in order to allow the body to become comfortably still. I will then guide you into Stillness, to a place where the mind can gently quieten. You will then be guided through a chakra cleansing, clearing, aligning & Healing meditation/relaxation journey, returning you to a sense of physical, spiritual, emotional, mental balance and well being and whilst all cosy and warm, wrapped in your blanket in the glow of candle light you will then be taken on a Healing journey into what I termed as the "Deep Rest" state through one of the most effective healing techniques to achieve good sleep, a healthy body, and the possibility to experience beyond. I incorporate the ancient technique of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) in to my "Deep Rest" is a deeply healing style of Yoga, it is the art of sleeping to unite the outer & inner worlds. It is a method of inducing complete physical, mental & emotional relaxation. I have been known for the gift of healing through my voice and this is part of my healing way, that healing occurs also through my voice, as well as through my hands or by being near me, as reported by others. I have been offering my own form of Healing Yoga Nidra: "Deep Rest" for many years (read more here). My "Deep Rest" CD (2014) was well received and many wonderful reviews and experiences were written about it. I have since created the Deep Rest as MP3 downloads (listen to sample here). ​I am known for being a Healer, Teacher and Writer, guiding others to understand the cause of their suffering, bringing them into their Hearts and back to peace. I have been on this path since a child, guiding, teaching and healing others for decades. Theses evenings are always very popular and are beautifully healing. I only offer them a few times each year and I look forward to meeting you. *Please bring with you a thick blanket, a rug/ mat / something to lay upon & a pillow and wear comfortable clothing.

What To Expect


The Benefits 

These techniques have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, if exhausted to boost your energy and immune system, to bring insight and clarity.


Research has proven that Yoga Nidra calms the nervous system, relieves headaches, asthma, digestive disorders, chest and abdominal pains and Shelley's Healing has helped many, many people whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. 

For those of you who are not local, you can experience Shelley's Deep Rest in the comfort of your home.

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"Give yourself permission to truly let go and bask in the grace of "deep rest."
~ Shelley Osman

Dates and tickets

Dates & Tickets

Tickets £25 

To register your interest for future events click here

Advance booking is essential, either buy your tickets online or reserve your space by calling 07919 371 852 and you can pay at the door on the night, but please arrive 15 minutes before the event to complete your booking form.

Please note we only accept cash on the night ~ please bring the correct amount on the night

All tickets are non-refundable or transferable in the event that you cancel. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late arrivals once the circle has started so please leave ample time for travel. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the circle begins.


Image by Johannes Plenio

"Enlightened beings are rare in this world..."

"Shelley you are the embodiment of love and compassion and your words and actions will continue to inspire".

Gary Wetherill

Term deep rest

About Deep Rest

The term Deep Rest was naturally formulated over a 17-year period after years of working with others, inviting them to look within and naturally, the words just evolved from the blessing of the work. Using a combination of disciplines: Yoga Nidra (sleep), pointers to help look within, guided imagery, breathing practice, relaxation techniques, visualisation, meditation techniques, healing techniques and more.

This is a very powerful practice that re-energises, heals, raises and increases awareness and increases creativity.  Deep Rest with Shelley relaxes one deeply and invites healing into the body.  It guides one into a state of self inquiry and into a deep state of peace.


Deep Rest with Shelley not only offers us all a way to rekindle the deep sense of peace that we all desire, but it also offers us a gentle invitation into stillness and silence.

You can experience 'Deep Rest' on Shelley's You Tube channel, or purchase an audio from the shop here. To listen to a sample see below.

'Deep Rest' CD Intro.mp3Shelley Osman
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Listen to sample
Deep Rest
Deep rest audio to buy

Deep Rest Audios 

Relax and experience Deep Rest in the comfort of your home with Shelley's audios that she has recorded.
If you would prefer a CD you can buy this here


Shelley has been offering events to the public for decades, and they've always been very well received and appreciated in the locations that she's offered events in.

Her events are varied from meditation gatherings (which she called Sitting In Silence) to Deep Rest events, relaxation events, events on the Chakras, workshops, healing events and truth teaching events.


Shelley has offered many, many, events over

the years. 

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