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A Morning Walk In November

Another beautiful November morning. I tend to go for a walk everyday and today I went for another lovely walk with Mr Alfie. It's such warm weather here for November, we do get our fair share of rain but the rain is what we need here to sustain all the beautiful lakes and the environment that we have here in the stunning, picturesque Lake District.

Nevertheless, this warm weather and the dramatic warm colours everywhere certainly lift the spirit and bring a smile. This particular route is not far from my home and it's a good few miles heading towards other villages. On my way there's an orchard and there are several farms, the rest is a pure landscape of nature, sheep in the fields, cows, horses and I can see part of the Cumbrian landscape, the fells and mountains in the distance are not too far. There are lots of pheasants roaming around at the moment, it's that time of year and Alfie's nose twitches like crazy and he wants to come off the lead and have fun with them, I have to keep him on the lead because his nose is so sensitive to so many scents and he'll just go running off, that's happened quite a few times and I have to get him back!

For me, living here is so important. One of the reasons why I moved here is to be in the heart of nature everyday surrounded by it and I feel that it just does something for the soul, it clears away all the cobwebs and not only that, it also is very beneficial for good health and well-being. I absolutely love walking, it also inspires me with my writing whether that be my poetry, teachings or quotes, I tend to find my creative side is always boosted more by being in nature. Do you find that walking is therapeutic for you too and do you love nature as well?

All my love Shelley xx

© All Writing/Poetry Shelley Osman


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