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Celebrating Samhain

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

May your life be filled with magic and mystery

Your days be blessed with wonder and joy

May you never judge a book by it's cover

But learn to read it well instead

Now is a time, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.

We light candles, carve pumpkins and trick and treat,

we decorate our homes, watch scary films

dress up in terrifying costumes haunting the streets.

Spooky stories of ghosts and witches are being told.

Images of Cauldrons, potions and spells being chanted

witches described as hideous, ugly and old being burnt at stakes and drowned in wells.

If you are a sensitive soul, you may feel the presence of old souls

moving closer to you, so be careful with what you invite

in to your world tonight.

Magic is not a game.

You may end up having a fright!

A time of darkness, so it seems, is eerily felt

yet we can shine a light upon the good of

those cast away, those shunned as evil, tortured

shamed and brutally put to death.

What if we honour those who were peaceful beings who knew what alchemy could do for me and you

who were spiritual and clear in their seeing

in tune with nature, healing and gifted too

They were the innocent ones

Labelled bad and shunned.

Led to their deaths, in the most painful ways

because others were scared and afraid

of their light, their goodness and gifts

so they took them away,

to control through fear.

What a terrible tale they spun!

To make us fear

our own power

the magic that lies within

I ask you to light a candle for those of our ancestors

who lost their lives at this hour

do not let their light go dim.

Take that candle and hold it up, let it shine!

Allow it to remind you of the magic of goodness,

of peace and healing.

Let us together create this now in our time

This is a choice of yours and mine.

~ Poem Written by Shelley Osman

~Art work by / Copyright of Wendy Andrew Painting Dreams

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Such lovely poetry 💖

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