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Letting Go ~ I get asked the question a lot about how to let go and deal with change.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

It's been a little while, but I have just posted a new video on my You Tube Channel~ Shelley Osman ~ A Cottage In The lakes. I get asked the question a lot about how to let go and deal with change. Here, in this video, I share my insights and the ways that I have discovered that can help one be more at peace with the impermanence of this life and the fear that it this brings.

Letting Go

In this video, I venture with my dog Alfie, to one of my favourite forests here in The Lake District and I share with you why being in nature is, I feel, so very important. The colours, were magnificent and bright. Often, when I go out for a long walk in the forest, I love to take with me a little book of poetry, to stop with a hot tea and to read a poem. In this video, I do just that, I read a little poem, called, 'The Unity Of Flowers', by William Wordsworth from a small poetry book that I purchased for only £1.00 from my local second hand shop. It was first published in 1910 and has brought me so much joy. It is called 'Flowers From Many Gardens'.

I often read other poets writings, as well as many of my own writings in my videos. If you would like to view my videos, in which I try to create serene, beautiful images and filming, with heart touching music and words to inspire healing and peace, then it would be wonderful if you would join me.

To listen to me talking about letting and to watch my videos, please visit my YouTube channel here.

I invite you to subscribe, like the videos and even share them with your friends. Thank you x


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