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Come Sit With Me

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Come sit with me Stay awhile Let me share the mystery, the magic that is here. it's all around. Can't you see? It's right here, resting silently Waiting to be found By only those that believe to see. A world of fairies, a place of tales, of the mysteries of Enchanted forests filled with possibilities Trees of ancient times stand still and strong Sharing mystical stories of this land, can you hear them? Oh, how I long, Just for one moment to be part of a world that only few can see. Come sit awhile and you may hear the whispers of the breeze As it glides amongst the ruby red Hawthorne berries Look and there may be A fairy or two dancing gleefully amongst the blushing rosehips, Weaving their magic through the leaves Turning everything into orange and gold *Poem written by Shelley Osman* *Art by Elin Manon illustration * @elin_manon_illustration

1 Comment

cheryl Nichols
cheryl Nichols
Nov 05, 2022

Beautiful poem and inspires that feeling of being blessed just being here in this wonderful magical existence

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